Our sevices

  • Design;
  • Supervision of projects;
  • Consulting in civil engineering;
  • Expertise in civil engineering;
  • Building demolition;
  • Prepartion of the main demolition projects;
  • Humane demining;


  1. AWS, Beograd, manufacturing and installation of aluminum and PVC windows and doors,
  2. LIMBO, Beograd, sheet metal works,
  3. RID Color, Beograd, painting and facade works,
  4. 3DG Dizajn, Beograd, designing,
  5. Dragan Dimic PR, Pancevo, ceramic works,
  6. Manjača, Beograd, ground works,
  7. GETING, Beograd, geomechanics and drilling piles,
  8. GeoGIS Konsultanti, Beograd, geophysical measurements and geodetical services,
  9. Bent Premer, Beograd, geodetical services,
  10. Vezuv, Beograd, mechanical installations,
  11. TRAKO, Beograd, mechanical installations,
  12. Telefonkabl, Beograd, telecommunications,
  13. Furi Inženjering, Zemun, electrical installations,
  14. Koloseum inženjering, Beograd, consruction works,
  15. Vizus inženjering, Beograd, construction works,
  16. RASING, Vršac, construction works,
  17. OPEK, Loznica, construction works,
  18. INVESTGRADNJA, Beograd, construction of roads,bridges and airports,
  19. DOKA, Beograd, formwork and scaffolding,
  20. PERI, Beograd, formwork and scaffolding,
  21. Bauplus, Beograd, waterproofing
  22. LEGAS group, Beograd, fabrication and installation of metal structures

We also have good cooperation with several manufacturers of building materials:

  1. LAFARGE, Beočin, ement factory and delivery of concrete,
  2. SEVOTIM, Umka, acquisition, processing and delivery of reinforcing iron,
  3. BEKAMENT, Arandjelovac, facades and other construction materials,
  4. KUBRŠNICA UNIVERZUM, Arandjelovac, bricks and other clay products,
  5. OMEGA KOMERC, Arandjelovac, bricks and other clay products,
  6. Beli bor, Milojević, Arandjelovac, various construction materials,
  7. Knauf, Beograd, thermal insulations,
  8. Astaco, Zemun, sheet metal for roof covering,
  9. FILIP, Zrenjanin, various consruction materials,
  10. GRIKOM, Lestane, Beograd, various construction materials.